TUELO Captivates with “Saint Margaret”

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 6.59.14 PM

TUELO is led by South African born Tuelo Minah, who blends soul and punk-rock to make what’s been dubbed “revival music.” She sounds a bit like the rebellious daughter of Nina Simone and David Bowie who grew up listening to the Sex Pistols and Blondie, and took music lessons from Miriam Makeba.

“Saint Margaret” is a homage to Tuelo’s mother, Seabi, whose “English” name is Margaret. After leaving her family farm in South Africa and coming to America, Tuelo found her voice and music as a guide to conquer herself. Her mother has yet to hear her sing or see her perform, yet she remains a favorite topic amongst fans because of how Tuelo weaves her into every conversation and every show. Tuelo credits her love for people, environment, tradition, culture, words and learning, spirituality, and her non-conformist and awkward nature to her mum, and often remarks that if somebody had told her as a child that her mother was God, she would have been a believer a long time ago.


​TUELO’s unreal vocals have filled some incredible venues – Brooklyn Bowl​, Carnegie Hall, Late Night with David Letterman, Central Park SummerStage, and most recently The Apollo for the Africa Now Festival.

Stream “Saint Margaret” here: https://soundcloud.com/tuelomusic/saint-margaret-2

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