Reid Lee Brings “Broken Arrows” Album to Life


Acclaimed musician and songwriter Reid Lee brings his new album Broken Arrows to the table today. Already charting on the iTunes Pop Album Charts, his makes an impression on all those who listen. His latest single “Save the Best,” has been putting the artist in the spotlight more so than ever.

Reid’s sublime musicality is inextricably linked to his life journey. His birthplace of Corpus Christi, Texas, his foundational training in opera at UCLA, and his adopted and spiritual home of Los Angeles have all imbued his work with a kaleidoscopic artistic and personal perspective. Reid takes inspiration from country, jazz, classical, opera, soul, and the warm intimacy of the Laurel Canyon 1970s singer-songwriter tradition.

Broken Arrows is a 10-song collection (plus a slow and stately acoustic version of an album track) of separate stories that frame the tapestry of Reid’s life in a manner that’s broadly relatable.

Standouts on Broken Arrows include the sweetly soulful opener “Arrowheads,” the urgently anthemic “To The Limit” replete with heavenly vocal harmonies, and the majestic classically tinged “Lady Macbeth.” On “Arrowheads” Reid sings some of his grandfather’s story and recalls the minor miracle of being a young boy discovering arrowheads while on an outdoor trip with his grandfather.

Buy Reid Lee’s new record here:

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