ANASIA Brings the Eclectic “ANASIA5MICE”


ANASIA is the solo project from composer and conductor Leanna Primiani. Sharing hew debut EP under the moniker today, Anasia5Mice, she brings to the table and eclectic and noteworthy sound that has us on the edge of our seats. The first single and track to peak our interest is “5Song,” which showcases her abilities as both a songwriter and performer.
Throughout the record we hear soncially induced tones as she allures and captivates with every listen. It’s bold, it’s vibrant, it’s noteworthy…it’s magical. What ANASIA accomplishes on the EP is what most artists strive to accomplish throughout their entire career…and that’s saying something. It is safe to say that ANASIA has a long and steady musical journey ahead of her and we can’t wait what she has hiding up her sleeve next.

ANASIA’s  Anasia5Mice is out today via iTunes, here:

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