The Gin Pennies Release Self-Titled Debut

The Gin Pennies release their graceful self-titled debut The Gin Pennies out today.
Frontwoman Shanelle Lewis has a voice for the ages, honed from her childhood in a musical family who would stay up nights playing songs around the campfire. Lewis moved from rural Ohio to Los Angeles, and quickly caught the attention of Randy Wooten, a prolific songwriter (TheBloody Lovelies, Willodean) and co-founder of Cheap Lullaby Records (Joan As Police Woman, Teitur, David Mead).

The Gin Pennies play pop songs enveloped in an oldschool sound that includes percussive guitars, upright bass, violin and trumpet. A close listen reveals intriguing non-period and genre specific surprises like chromatic harmonica, and lush chord sequences. There’s a unique slant to their tunes that sets them apart from the masses; it’s as if Lake Street Drive traveled back to the 1920’s Paris and made a record with Django Reinhardt. It’s an engaging mixture of era and vibe, where modern-day California indie-pop meets 1920s French juke joint.

Stream their new record via Soundcloud: 

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