The Pinkerton Raid Share Prominent Release


The Pinkerton Raid prove to be as intriguing as their name. Fronted by the eccentric singer Jesse James DeConto, known for his echoing indie vocals, he is joined by an equally as talented band which hails from North Carolina.

Just unleashing their newest release, Tolerance Ends, Love Begins, the record takes you on an unexpected musical journey that will leave your ears ringing…in a good way. Filled with stunning tracks, sit back and get ready for the ride that is The Pinkerton Raid.

Their latest single to hit the streets this past month, “Righteous Rain,” helps to set the band apart from the rest. The vocal harmonies make this one an instant favorite, as it is one of the catchiest pieces on the record by far.  Alongside bright harmonies that echo throughout the record, the album as a whole is brought to life with resonating guitars, and an array of other instruments that all fit together nicely.

Rest assured, as you will be pleasantly surprised with this gem from The Pinkerton Raid. Pick up your copy this week on Bandcamp and CD Baby respectively.

Get familiar here:

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