Getting “Blue” with The Sky Catching Fire


The Sky Catching Fire is the brainchild of Thomas Monroe and Steve Ybarra. Based in Laguna Beach, CA, the duo take on an exciting new venture with their debut EP titled the Blue EP. With Monroe on singing and guitar duty and Ybarra on drums, the two create a sound that is both accessible and raw, providing a dose of energetic sound. Laced with a touch of punky rhythms, the songs on the EP are intertwined with the unpredictable vocal stylings of Monroe. The Sky Catching Fire started when Monroe was making home recordings, when he spent time as a street performer. Catching the ears of Ybarra, the two decided to join forces in 2015, building a reputation in the Indie circuit. Their socially conscious message is combined with Monroe’s poetry, which helps bring the songs to life.

Kicking off the EP is the energetic “Monsters,” which will make you fall in love with the band immediately. Their defined sound is slightly reminiscent of The Replacements; a unique yet familiar sound that brings all of the elements together. The brightly strummed guitars are the perfect combination among the tin-sounding drums. “Oh my God,” croons Monroe, with such heartfelt emotion. This is only the beginning…

The next song from the album titled “Stars Are Papercuts,” follows in the same vein. Monroe’s voice hits every note perfectly, without being over top. The guitars, though they may sound simple at times, are filled with depth with each carefully placed note.

“Three Daisies” brings a darker sound to the album, with Monroe’s voice taking a deeper tone. The drums provide a heavy dose of rhythm and set the overall tone for the track; high-hat in tow. “Dog,” lifts the record back up, spirit wise, adding a bit of 90s nostalgia to the sound. Once again the band is on point, proving they are a mainstay among Indie listeners.

Closing out the record is the ambitious “Believe,” which is beautiful from start to finish. Once again Monroe’s voice mixed in with his emotional lyrics stand in the center. His knack for reaching those high notes is definitely a key seller on this song.

The Sky Catching Fire will quickly become one of your favorite new bands for 2016. Be sure to find yourself a copy of the Blue EP. You will NOT want to miss out.

Check out The Sky Catching Fire online:


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