Amanda Lamb Brings a Little Bit Country

amandalamb (2)

Amanda Lamb is a rising artist that hails from California. Her latest release, We Dance We Run, is a charming EP that is filled with country vibes, and a slight hint of twang to boot. Lamb’s talent for storytelling comes to life in the new record, as she bares her soul to the world. Her heaven-sent voice is familiar yet unique, making the record feel like home. The range of emotion throughout the album is fitting with her charming instrumentation placed within each song.

“Barefoot,” her new single, is the perfect introduction to the musical world of Amanda Lamb. Recorded with acclaimed producer, Dave Tough, who has worked with Dolly Parton, Lamb took to Tennessee for the record; finding herself completely at home and in her element. She shares secrets, she celebrates joy, and brings the whole record to life.

Recently she has also released a video for her lead single, “Barefoot” which you can watch below.

Watch Amanda Lamb “Barefoot”

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