Sit Kitty Sit Share Overit Session

sitkittysit - lisa martin

SIT KITTY SIT has just unleashed their latest endeavor, a phenomenal set of videos which they have filmed at Overit Studios. Highlighting two tracks from the brilliant session, “Superbia,” and “Life #6,” the duo breathes new life into the pieces as they give a raw and energetic performance, which will entice your very ears. The exclusive live session offers the perfect glimpse of the group’s
high-energy performance. They will leave you in awe of their intricate playing, as they bring the stage right into your living room.

San Francisco’s SIT KITTY SIT is Kat Downs and Mike Thompson. The duo, who create an undeniable pop/proggy piano and drum sound, has been described as Dresden Dolls mixed with King Crimson, & Fiona Apple. Known for consistently thrilling audiences with their energetically intense live performances, the group produces addictive rock n’ roll – with only two people, and not one guitar in sight.

SIT KITTY SIT ‘s latest album, Everlasting Fire is based entirely on “Dante’s Inferno.” The storyline album showcases the extensive versatility of Downs and Thompson as a team.  Spanning seven genres and boasting 15 guest artists, the release shows us an entirely new side of the band while maintaining their identity.

SIT KITTY SIT are currently on tour in Europe. Check for dates.


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