Nick Shaheen Stuns with Gorgeous Single, “Flashbulbs”

Nick Shaeen Press Photo 1

R.I.Y.L.: Ryan Adams, Josh Ritter, Jason Isbell, David Gray Paul Simon

Chicago-based Nick Shaheen is breaking new ground with his latest single, “Flashbulbs,” from his stunning album, Sauvignon, out now. His second full-length release to date, Shaheen brings to the forefront a stunning mixture of modern Americana sound and incredibly strong songwriting. This breathtaking piece is just one of the highlights you will find on Sauvignon.

“I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I remember I was chopping up potatoes when this violent vision completely overtook me. Everything was so vivid. I had a full-on panic attack right there,” shares Shaheen. Two weeks later the vision still haunted him. “I couldn’t hold a knife for weeks; ‘What the hell was that? How could you even think that? You’re going crazy.’ I read all about it online, like I’m a psychiatrist trying to diagnose myself and find the cure all at once. I found these message boards for intrusive thoughts where people were dealing with stuff like this for years. It made me more nervous, but at the same time gave me hope. After I had some time to reflect, I started to write down the scene as it came to me and a song started to take shape. The idea was to lay it all out and triumph over it.”

A hypnotic yet chaotic rhythm section and the battle of menacing electric guitar versus victorious Dobro are joined by Shaheen’s captivating vocals, which provide a powerful listening experience from start to finish. “Flashbulbs” is just a slight taste of the musical journey that Sauvignon takes listeners on.

Listen: Nick Shaheen “Flashbulbs”

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