Kevin Jenkins To Release “‘Til the Story’s Told”


Kevin Jenkins kicks off our Wednesday with a charming release of ‘Til the Story’s Told, a nice collection of Americana and Blues infused tracks, which is officially out on June 9th (True Groove Records). Jenkins is no stranger to the musical world, has been a seasoned musician for going on 40 years. He’s played everywhere from Tokyo’s Budokan, to London’s Albert Hall, to New York’s Madison Square Garden. A professional bassist, he has shared the bill with the best from The Police, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, BB King and Joe Cocker. An impressive resume to say the least!

Til the Story’s Told is the second official solo release by Kevin Jenkins, and it delves deeper into his psyche. The tales of the loss of a parent, new beginnings, and new life, are perceived throughout the record, making listeners not only take notice of his musical performance, but of his lyrical abilities as well.

The first single from the record, “Janie’s Silver Lining,” is a fantastic piece that is a brilliant introduction to the record, and Jenkins himself for new listeners. 9-tracks are displayed throughout the album, and cover a wide range of grounds and genres. From the blissful cover of Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit of the Sky,” which does the classic song justice and then some, Jenkins showcases his talent throughout the entire record. His voice has a vibrant consistency which flows flawlessly on the album.

Another song that caught my attention is “King of Everything,” which is one of the smoothest songs I have heard in quite a while. Jenkin’s voice is stellar on this track in particular, and it really is a nice addition to the album. “Country Line” is also another song that stands out to me, as I found it to be extremely captivating.  Kevin Jenkin’s ‘Til the Story’s Told, is a phenomenal record that will stand the test of time. Open your ears and listen…

Kevin Jenkin’s”Janie’s Silver Lining” at Soundcloud:

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