The Unravelling Release Hard Hitting Track “Revolt”


The Unravelling is a heavy-hitting industrial group that hails from Calgary, Canada. Channeling bands such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Tool and Nine Inch Nails, the group are ready to release their new single, “Revolt.” Made up of the infectious duo of lead vocalist Steve Moore and instrumentalist Gustavo De Beauville, the two have garnered critical acclaim within the music community.

A major setback, notably Moore’s struggle with a long term illness, lead to De Beauville honing his musical skills, helping to create the bed of music that is displayed on their new material. “Revolt” is laced with intricate instrumentation, that is heavy in tone, yet very accessible and alluring. Moore says of the lyrical content of the track, ““The lyrics to “Revolt” convey a rejection of the false and a need for inner change. This is an inner revolt that we are talking about.” Moore’s vocals are silky and smooth, yet rough around the edges, giving the group a deeper, more intimate sound. With the addition of De Beauville’s sonically driven musical production, what we hear is a sound that is unique and enticing.

Listen to and Purchase The Unravelling – “Revolt” via Bandcamp:

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