TOM LEVIN Premieres Heavenly Single, “Mind’s Eye”

Tom Levin Press Photo_Halff landsc_Ph Johan Töpel_high_res

Sweden-based TOM LEVIN has just released his U.S. debut single, “Mind’s Eye,” via The Vinyl DistrictTom Levin proves to be a breath of fresh air, and a thinking man’s songwriter with a distinct and powerful voice to match his songs. His often foot-stomping-folk-rock tendencies are instantly enticing.

Taken from his latest album, Them Buffalo, the tracks were co-written when Tom was involved with the project The House of Songs, where artists from all over the world and different genres, come together to write music.

Them Buffalo is the counterpart to Levin‘s early 2014 album, Them Feet.  “Mind’s Eye,” brings static handclaps which set the tone over acoustic guitars and haunting voices which introduce the song. Levin’s voice joins with a spark of life, accompanied with a stunning light string section that carries throughout.

 The album’s lyrical themes are life-long friendship, becoming of age, grandmothers, everyday life as a parent and having discussions about human values with men at car rentals. “With the help from a metronome, on which I increased the tempo, I embraced the stadium rocker within me and began writing,” says Levin.
Listen to TOM LEVIN’s “MIND’S EYE” here:

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