Fractal Control Get Heavy


Mike Louttit writes socially aware and forewarning instrumental rock under the moniker Fractal Control. His debut release, Disconnection Equals Freedom, is the first installment of a series of albums that address feelings of anxiety, dread, and frustration with our society at present.

Disconnection Equals Freedom, does not articulate any specifics about the current state of the world, and is not meant to be another insight on “what’s wrong with things”. Through shred heavy numbers and thought-provoking sound bites, Fractal Control seeks to mirror the conscious and subconscious irritation and uncertainty within ourselves.

The mindset of Disconnection Equals Freedom comes from the artist’s own explorations, first spurred on by exposure to controversial filmmaker Peter Joseph’s “Zeitgeist: The Movie,” a film which makes some dramatic assertions about the origins of religion and elements of governmental control and cover-ups. But most notably it deals with issues regarding the Federal Reserve System, making allegations of a select few who manipulate the financial system and ultimately lead unsuspecting people like cattle to the slaughter before they realize it’s too late.

You can listen to Disconnection Equals Freedom in full here:


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