The Smooth Sounds of Jay Soul’s “Any Day”


Jay Soul’s current project Stay With Me is ten tracks of emotive tolerance. On each track of the LP Jay Soul grapples with situations he cannot change and emotions he cannot shake. The album highlights universal sensitivities that we all can feel or easily recall. Love, loss, pleasure pain, these are all feelings that Jay Soul is expressing on Stay With Me. Throughout the record we listen to a man empathize with his tumultuous past while singing and composing music in the style of soulful early-nineties (the years he came of age in).

His sound is vivid, soulful early-Nineties, with highly personal lyrics delivered passionately, following in the footsteps of such trailblazing British independents as Omar and Lynden David Hall. Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Jodeci and Dru Hill are all cited as influences, as well as poppier, more contemporary artists in the mould of Beyoncé. Production values are important but not at the expense of the quality of the raw material, a refreshing antidote to the recent trend for glossy, over-produced beats and auto-tuned vocals, and size-zero subject matter.

Jay Soul “Any Day” 


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