JES Releases Stunning Single “Sky Stand Still”


JES has just launched her epic single,“Sky Stand Still,” from the much talked about film, The Principle, which debuts on October 24.

The Principle brings to light astonishing results from recent large-scale surveys of our universe-surveys that disclose unexpected evidence of a preferred direction in the cosmos, aligned with our supposedly insignificant Earth! The Principle leads us face-to-face with this most important question: What does this mean for the future of mankind?

The Principle features narration by Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek Voyager, Orange is the New Black, Ryan’s Hope), stunning animations by BUF Compagnie Paris (Life of Pi, Thor, The Matrix: Revolutions, Van Helsing, Harry Potter), and commentary and insights from like likes of Michio Kaku, John Hartnett, Bernard Carr, Robert Sungenis, Max Tegmark, Robert Bennett and more.

“My main goal for a song is always finding that emotional connection with the audience. I wanted the words to mean something universally and make the melody beautiful so it touches the listener and leaves them feeling something. When writing for a musical theme you have that chance to sum it all up. Music is such an important component to film and I am excited because I think it is a powerful uplifting song that will connect with people and be able to reach a global audience,” says JES.

Rick Delano- Producer/Writer of The Principle says of JES and “Sky Stand Still”: Hero (my Son and Co-Writer of“Sky Stand Still”) and I were on one of our occasional songwriting road trips up Pacific Coast Highway in 2010 when he played me the demo for “Sky Stand Still.” It was simply instantaneous- the chorus didn’t even come around twice before I knew this was the Theme Song For The Principle. But it wasn’t until three years later, when the simply amazing JES brought us the soul- shaking line “you will always be remembered…” that I knew it had finally been brought completely through the storm and safely delivered as the final moment of The Principle.

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