Ooggz Releases “Welcome To Neptune”


Ooggz is an up and coming rapper who hails from the Bronx, NY. For those who like the musical stylings of Childish Gambino and LL Cool J, Ooggz is about to become one of your favorites.

His knack for writing catchy hooks and smooth lyrics are prominent in his new album, Welcome to Neptune, out now. The EP is 5-heavy-hitting and in-your-face tracks laced with heavy beats and sonic production that will linger in your ears. Tracks like “Get Em,” which is the album’s opener will draw you in from the start. The vocal work on the songs are stellar as well, providing a sound that is extremely accessible to an array of listeners. “Come on Down,” and “Classy,” bring the album down in notch in town, while still upkeeping the flow of the record. “Doing Right,” and “Ain’t What U Want” shows Ooggz versatile side, making him a new artist to watch out for. To boot he has also recently released a video for “Come on Down,” which is a nice addition to his new material. Welcome to Neptune will definitely be on heavy rotation in my speakers.

Watch Ooggz “Come on Down,” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxZEIuDcYLY

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