NTNT Shares New Track, “The Attitude”

Portland born NTNT is back in full force and ready to close out the summer. The stellar duo of Dustin Brown and Ryan Berry, have just premiered a new track titled “The Attitude” on Baeble Music. “The Attitude,” is from their upcoming sophomore release, And Then the Moon, due out later this fall. The phenomenal track is laced with electro-punches, dreamy melodies, and prominent harmonies, which will captivate your ears right from the start. The sonically alluring tones mix brilliantly with Brown’s slick and captivating vocals.

NTNT has recently won the Deli Magazine Portland’s Artist of the Month, and have just opened for Gentlemen Hall on several dates. The new album is a follow up to their debut 2012 release,I’ll Find You in the Colors.

Front man Dustin Brown (Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Programming, Percussion) says of the track:

I wanted something that sounded wet and tropical but sort of sickening at the same time. I’m not sure that’s the way it’s interpreted by others but I feel that from the dissonance in the guitar bends.  There was a golden recording moment some where at around 10 or 11 am when I finished the chorus that night and went out onto my patio to smoke a cigarette in my robe and just cranked the speakers super loud. I was exhausted and it felt good to hear the bass riff reverberating off the walls of all the different apartment buildings in my complex. The sun was reflecting off the apartment pool and it was super glittery and it sort of felt like the songs roots were captured right there for a second.NTNT will be releasing their sophomore effort, And Then the Moon Fall 2013.

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