The National Release Two New Songs, “Mistaken for Strangers,” at Tribeca


lt surely has been a long time since we have heard new material from indie darling Brooklynites, The National, but it seems like we are about to get a good dose of them. Just releasing two phenomenal tracks “Don’t Swallow the Cap,” and “Demons,” in the past few weeks, the group will be releasing the Trouble Will Find Me, on May 21 (4AD). But wait, it gets even better…..have you seen the trailer for the documentary Mistaken for Strangers yet?

The brainchild of Tom Berninger, brother of Matt Berninger, takes viewers on a bumpy roadtrip of being on tour with the band, as well as his own internal struggles and the ones of those around him. Not only does the film look insightful of what goes on inside the lives and creative process of The National, but it takes a deeper look into sibling rivalry, and what it is like to not only live in the shadow of someone else, but your own inner demons and insecurities that casts ones as well. If the trailer is even the slightest hint of the rest of the film, we’re ready to stand up and applaud. 

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