Watch Simon Spire’s “Liberate Your Love”
Live at Occupy Wall Street

Watch the Occupy Wall Street Photo Video featuring “Today”

Occupy Wall Street is one of the most important movements of this generation. It’s time to stand up for what we believe in. SIMON SPIRE is here to help support continuing dialogue and change as he takes to Occupy Wall Street in New York City to play a very special performance with Occupy Yoga. Featuring a stripped down, acoustic version of the catchy single “Liberate Your Love,” Spire sits in with the Kundalini Yoga Group at Occupy Wall Street, a group that stands for change and transformation from within. Filmed at Zuccotti Park, the video not only highlights Simon’s stunning musical performance, but also shows how people are coming together to make a difference. This touching performance will surely move and inspire you.

Simon recently wrote about the event on his website, saying, “I was excited to be part of a new dialogue that, in my mind, asks the questions, ‘What kind of world do we want to create together?’ and ‘What do we want our lives to stand for?’ ”

Fans of Simon’s have also created a music video for his song “Today,” which features the uplifting song as the soundtrack to a mini photo documentary of the positive events at Occupy Wall Street. Simon opened his performance at the Occupy Yoga 11/11/11 event with this song. As he explained on the day, “The song is about resolve—the resolve that opens the way for both individual and collective transformation. It’s about the opportunities for change that accompany times of challenge, and moving through the challenges to create something new.”

Simon has since made the track available for free download HERE!

It has also recently been announced that Spire’s track, “A Four-Letter Word,” from the upcoming album, Four-Letter Words, has been selected as a finalist in the Rock category of the USA Songwriting Competition. Winners will be announced next week. This is Simon’s fourth song to be selected as a finalist.

Watch the videos above as Simon liberates Wall Street for Modern Mystery. Be prepared to get inspired. Now is the time to make a difference.

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