Tom Vek Announces His Return!

Listening to Tom Vek’s first album We Have Sound was one of the first instances in my life when I thought, “I want to write about this. This is so good.” For some reason, I never did get to write my awesome review, but now that after five long years, Tom Vek is returning with a new album, if it’s as good (or better) than his first, I might get the opportunity. Leisure Seizure will be released on June 7th on Downtown/Coop USA/Island Records. It was put together during a 3 year set-up period that was followed by a 2 year stretch of musical output. To record it, Vek found a suitable studio space in east London, and set up PALLET Recording Studios.

All this effort seems to have paid off. I don’t want to get ahead of myself here but the first excerpt we have from the new album, a song called “A Chore,” sounds pretty good to me. The video for it, directed by Ollie Evans, is also fun: its retro feel recalls Glenn O’Brien’s show TV Party and BBC’s Desert Island Discs and shows Vek in great form. Figure out what you think about it by watching below!

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