More Details on Javelin’s Canyon Candy

About two weeks ago, we gave you guys the scoop on Javelin’s new record, Canyon Candy. Set for release on April 16th, the album marks a distinct stylistic change for the band. This week, shortly after our friends at Stereogum unveiled the album’s first single, band member Thomas Van Buskirk revealed the album’s origins.

Said Van Buskirk “We recorded some on the road, some at home when on break from tour. George and I spent a fair amount of time driving through the South and Western landscape between Feb-June ’09 … in the course of touring with Yeasayer, playing SXSW, and before that playing with our good friend Lucky Dragons in California. Somewhere along the drives we started noticing amazing National Park signs : “Crater of Diamonds” for instance.  They sounded like song names.

The musician also teased us with this tidbit ” [Our] engineer said one song sounded like The Band mixed with Lil Jon.” Intriguing…


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