Art Brut Announce New Album, Residency Dates. Yes, Residency Means Touring.

Art Brut have recently made some plans, as bands do when they finish recording their 4th album. Brilliant! Tragic!, another Black Fancis-produced effort, will be released on May 24 with the single, “Lost Weekend” arriving May 16.  The big news here is that frontman Eddie Argos claims that on this one he has finally learned to sing, which you can preview HERE.  That’s the cover art above, and the track listing is below.

01  Clever Clever Jazz
02  Lost Weekend
03  Bad Comedian
04  Sexy Sometimes
05  Is Dog Eared
06  Martin Kemp Welch Five A-Side Football Rules!
07  Axel Rose
08  I Am The Psychic
09  Ice Hockey
10  Sealand

Art Brut also plan to do a brief tour, or residency — a 5-night stay at Lexington in London from May 30 – June 3rd.

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