Sam Roberts Band Announces Upcoming New Album, ‘Collider’

Sam Roberts Band will release their new album, Collider on May 10th on Zoë/Rounder Records. Produced by Chicago-based producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse / Iron and Wine,) Collider is the follow up to Roberts’ critically acclaimed album Love At The End Of The World.

“There’s got to be some desperation to your writing,” Roberts says. “You’ve got to maintain that feeling of survival – that you can lose your grip at any time. That’s where songs like these come from – from the realization that you can never figure it out completely, that your grip can never hold on forever. It’s always there; every time I sit down to write. That’s why the record is called what it is: ideas collide, especially when you’re making music. When you take things that are seemingly different, you can smash them together and create something new.”

Fans can check in with Sam Roberts Band on their Web site.


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