MillionYoung cover Floyd’s “Us and Them” for Yours Truly

Anybody could cover Pink Floyd in the studio, layering tracks to create the sonic landscapes they classically reveled in.  If Live in Pompeii taught us anything, it’s that playing Pink Floyd songs live is an intricate process; one that lesser bands could never manage — at least until Macbooks.

MillionYoung recently took the reigns on Dark Side of the Moon’s “Us and Them,” and Yours Truly has captured it on video to share with you.  MillionYoung doesn’t get as bombastic as the coda of the original, which is probably a good thing, and treats the entire song as a fuzzed out jam.   The Flaming Lips could learn something from this rendition.

Check the video:


And MillionYoung’s SXSW shows:

3.15: Lucy the Poodle Presents @ Cheer Up Charlies @ 7:45 pm

3.15: Mix Agency Party @ The Mohawk @ 10:30 pm (MillionYoung DJ Set)

3.16: Storychord Party @ Cheer Up Charlies @ 3pm

3.16: My Old Kentucky Blog Party @ Peckerheads @ 6:30pm

3.16: Austin Psych Fest Party @ The Eastern @ 10pm (dj set) 3.17: Birddog Party @ The Aquarium @ 9:30 pm

3.18: East Invades West Party @ Sidebar @ 2pm 3.18: Yours Truly Showcase @ Malverde @ 8pm
3.19: Flatstock Showcase @ Austin Convention Center @ 1pm

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