Tim Cohen Turns Out Yet Another Album (and EP)

While Tim Cohen’s band The Few and Onlys took a much needed breather from producing albums and tours, Cohen used that time to bust out a solo LP, Magic Trick coupled with a nine song EP, Bad Blood.

“Don’t Give Up” off Magic Trick was chosen as one of Pitchfork’s best new tracks and can be heard on their web site.  While still maintaining a bummed out sluggish tone, the message of the track is upbeat and encouraging: “trying to make a bad thing better/Bad things happen all the time/You have to lay it on the line/Sooner or later you’ll be fine/Don’t give up,” with minimal yet hopeful xylophone acting as kind of a bridge and soft doo wop female back up vocals. He has kind of a Magnetic Fields thing going on in that the content of the music and lyrics can be strangely positive while defeat can be found in the vocals, but in each case that quality is why the artists have all the fans they do.

One of many intriguing components of Cohen is his artwork that always accompanies his band’s or his solo work, all of which are semi gothic and haunting folk drawings that on their own are separate and distinct achievements from the music.

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