USF’s new album ‘Jamaica Plain EP’ Releases New Album

Male duo U.S.F. on Seattle label Highfives and Handshakes has crafted an aquatic club album, Jamaica Plain EP to be released on February 8 of this year.

“Point Break II,” whether or not is alluding to a sequel in song of the 90’s Keanu surf hit, or the reference just conjures images of surfing, but I can’t help but seeing the tops of waves arch over a surfer’s head as he/she cuts through them while this song plays.

The title track is a wonderful ADD reflection on multilayered synth with club beats, delicate melodies and psychedelia.  At first the track submerges underwater through a submarine ride of muffled wave and calming electronic effects, then forges upward into an epic stratosphere of sound. The sudden change of pace goes from chilled out oceanic grooves to heightened synth and booming bass drum determination, ending in a euphoric catharsis. It is truly a story told in sonic tropes.

“Greywolf” is one of two tracks with any vocals, and they are a Thurston Moore-ish fuzzy dictation.

All four tracks including “Branss” which has a M.I.A. base dance beat and helium infused sporadic vocals are all heady ambient pieces that make for an interesting EP that piques many moods.


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