Brown Recluse – No, this music is not frightening

It’s a given that Slumberland Records has cornered and rounded up any potentially cute indie bands out there, but with more and more cute bands becoming established acts, it must be harder for fresh little darlings to capture your heart.  Not for Brown Recluse. They have a pretty good shot.  They’re like the nerdy/blossoming into a full-blown cutie shy girl that regularly writes in a diary, reads Kafka and Tolstoy, is really good at Wii, is down with being around people who smoke pot even though she personally abstains but she can drink herself into the ground, and she’s a mean baker.  Yes, this Philidelphia septet craft some downright joyous pop ala POBPAH and Belle & Sebastian.  They’ve already released a couple EPs and are prepping their Slumberland debut LP, Evening Tapestry for a February 11 release.  Get a better idea from “Impressions of a City Morning”.

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