Fergus & Geronimo- “Unlearn”


Fergus & Geronimo, believe it or not, is not a 1970s sitcom. Fergus & Geronimo is a duo of Jason Kelly and Andrew Savage with collaborations from others and when they perform live, they often do with a large groups of people. Yes, Fergus & Geronimo is a side project but Fergus Geronimo hopes you do not simply see them as a halfhearted attempt. Sorry, I just really think it is fun to type Fergus & Geronimo.

It is 2011 and I do not believe garage rock is still relevant; was garage rock ever relevant though? Anyways, Fergus & Geronimo fill the whole album of Unlearn with a stripped down unapologetic garage rock sound. At times, certain songs may peak your interest, most notably, “Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass”, which may take the award for Laziest Sounding Western Song Ever. Unfortunately, the past winner of this award was Natalie Cole for this great little number.

There is not much to write about this album actually. It is alright. If you want something new and fresh, do not bother even listening to it. The album becomes a bore after the second song and you have heard an album like this a hundred times. Unlearn brings nothing new to the table. As if lack of innovation was not enough, sometimes the musicianship is just sloppy. The anthem, “Wanna Know What I Would Do If I Was You”, is sluggishly sung. The vocals are almost as bad as Bill Murray in Lost In Translation. Sometimes it is nice to have relaxed vocals and at times even imperfect ones but Fergus & Geronimo sound like that drunken asshole that is always at the bar on karaoke night. As a listener of this album I feel similar to a mistreated girlfriend. I just wish Fergus & Geronimo would show that they care about me and put some passion into what they were giving me. I just want attention. I just want to know that they care. Instead, we are left with an uninspired lazy album. We are left with Fergus & Geronimo sitting on the couch and sipping a beer on Saturday night– forcing us to look for another lover that actually will show that they care.


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