Still Flyin’ Want You to Relive Their 2010

Still Flyin’ have put together a nice little stocking stuffer retrospective to remind you of how much fun their 2010 was.  Appropriately titled, Neu Ideas will package both of their 7 inch releases, A Party in Motion EP, and include re-workings of certain tracks by Papercuts, Hood Internet, Love is All, and Signals among others.  You can imagine the remixes as sort of an alternate universe Still Flyin’ 2010 retrospective.  The collection is scheduled for a February 1st release on Ernest Jenning Recording Co. For those intrigued as to more current workings of the band, Still Flyin have wrapped up recording on their second LP, which is said to be released in the Spring.  Some would call that prolific.

Here’s Papercuts’ version of “Victory Walker”:

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