Fire Records Releases “Dance To The Best Of ESG”


London’s iconic Fire Records has announced the release of the two-disc Dance To The Best of ESG, from New York City’s legendary punk/funk collective, ESG (Emerald, Sapphire, and Gold.) For the very first time, all of the songs that made the South Bronx family band such an innovative influence over the past two decades of hip-hop are available in a single release. Covering their earliest Martin Hannett produced tracks, such as “Moody” and “UFO,” right through to their more recent output, this compilation leans heavily on the foundation that has made ESG one of the most sampled artists of all time- giving both diehard fans and first-timers a taste of every one of their stellar records. Every cut runs deep and every ass had better shake. When ESG says dance, you had better dance!

Dance To The Best Of ESG tracklist:


01 You’re No Good
02 Tiny Sticks
03 Moody
04 Come Away
05 U.F.O.
06 Dance
07 Parking Lot Blues
08 Chistelle
09 Talk It
10 Erase You
11 Hold Me Right
12 It’s Alright
13 Get Funky
14 My Love for You
15 About You
16 Insane (Tambourine Mix)
17 Keep on Moving
18 I Can’t Tell You What to Do
19 Moody (Spaced Out)


01 Dance To The Beat Of Moody
02 Bam Bam Jam
03 A New Day
04 In the Streets
05 Erase You (Puppy to Your Side)
06 You’re No Good (Alternate Version)
07 Standing in Line
08 I Wanna Dance
09 Six Pack (Original Version)
10 Moody (A New Mood)
11 There Was a Time
12 Earn It
13 Like This


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