Soda Shop Jerk a 7″ and a Video

Not to take anything away from Soda Shop, but they sound exactly like their name would lead you to believe.  Imagine an Utopian 50’s diner, where half a decade of hindsight has allowed Soda Shop to go back and doctor up the ideal atmosphere with “Farewell” — where everyone is smoother than the Fonz, with even the next generation’s hippies wishing they could be this chill.  Washed out Chuck Berry guitar licks go a long way to accomplishing this lofty vision.  Add bells, a tambourine, and kind vocals awash in reverb and Soda Shop make it seem natural and fun.  The Brooklyn duo features Drew Driver from Horse Shoes and Maria Usback from Selebrities.  Look for the “Farewell” 7″ out January 18th and pick up the song at this link.  The accompanying video puts the archetypal images in place to round out the experience.  Enjoy!

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