Jane Lui Captivates With Latest Track From ‘Goodnight Company’

Listening to Jane Lui’s music is like taking a journey through a magical and whimsical land.  Her voice is light and airy, real, and she is a mastered musician playing up to 14 instruments including piano, guitar, xylophone and IKEA wine glasses.  Critics have already likened her to fellow female vocalists Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple and Norah Jones.  

Jane’s third album, Goodnight Company, was released digitally on October 5th, 2010 but will have a physical release on January 11, 2011.  Building upon the success of her debut release Teargirl and the 2008 follow-up Barkentine, which was nominated for a San Diego Awards Best Recording, Lui says that for her latest endeavor she let loose and really just let her words do the speaking.  She credits having more confidence in herself, being in a happier place and trusting her co-producer Aaron Bowen to just help bring out the real “Jane”. 

“Illusionist Boy” is the next single to be released from the album.  An acoustic masterpiece, featuring Lui’s naked and emotional voice, “Illusionist Boy” is a bit of a contrast compared to the album’s first single, “Jailcard”.  With so many different types of music influencing Jane, the album is certainly one that will be at the top of many must-have lists.


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