The Sword travels to “Lawless Lands” in New Single

“Lawless Lands” is the second chapter in the epic tale of The Sword’s mystical travels from Earth to Space, called Warp Riders, also the name of their latest album. “Lawless Lands” is the next installment after the first chapter, “Tres Brujas” or “Three Witches” in English. As one could surmise from the title, the Texas metal outfit in a haze of “sacred smoke” encounter three witches in “Tres Brujas,” the first of whom will “rob,” the second will “deceive,” and the third will “show you the way.”

As a perfect segue, the third bruja shows The Sword the way into “Lawless Lands,” or outer space, as it turns out. “Lawless Lands” immediately takes a new musical tone from “Tres Brujas,” from epic to looming doom with the change of riffing, fast paced guitar to slower, more ominous bluesy rhythms. The video looks like a hodgepodge of old school sci-fi movies like Willow and The Dark Crystal with some Star Trek mixed in, centered around some chick who is part goth princess, part child empress from Never Ending Story.

The Sword puts a fantasy twist on metal with “Lawless Lands” and the rest of Warp Riders that is nothing short of totally awesome. The Sword is currently on an American tour for the release of Warp Riders through mid December.

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