Jimmy Eat World Take on Conan and the planet

Jimmy Eat World is fun, accessible, easy, and their name sounds like a comic book. No wonder they’re widely popular and live up to fans’ expectations time and time again. The same holds true for their new album, Invented featuring the single “Coffee and Cigarettes.” It puts you in a good mood just by hearing it. It’s not groundbreaking or mind blowing; it’s just really good, like Jimmy Eat World itself.

The chorus line “Coffee and Cigarettes/As Simple As it Gets” off the track pretty much sums it up. The lyrics are straightforward and modest with westward-bound self discovery and romantic nostalgia themes, while the melody and music are masterful pop creations. In conjunction, it’s a simple pleasure that needs no further explanation.

Catch them play “Coffee and Cigarettes” on the triumphant revival of Conan O’Brien December 13th on TBS or on their many tour dates including New Years Eve at the Fiesta Bowl Rock Party in Tempe, Arizona and international shows in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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