The Pierces Release “Love You More”

the pierces

The Pierces, a New York based band composed of Catherine and Allison Pierce, are definitely doing a good job creating hype for their upcoming record. Their lead single, “Love You More” is a clear continuation of The Pierces’ style of dark lyrics and themes but at the same time you can hear how country has become inspiration for the sisters.  Top of the line producers such as Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman and Grammy Award winning producer Rik Simpson are now working on their upcoming album. The sisters also collaborated with Matt Romano from Little Joy and Albert Hammond Jr. from The Strokes, which will definitely provide more of a rock feel to their tracks. The still unnamed album was recorded in Coldplay’s studio in London and in Electric Lady Studios in New York City. Now there are visuals to go along with the lead single, as the Pierces released a music video to “Love You More”. This Tarantino-esque clip takes us to a desert where the siblings drive around and get revenge from an old lover, like a pyromaniac version of Thelma and Louise. Check out the fiery video under the cut!

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