Broken Records Debut “A Darkness Rises Up” with Video

We all know religion (the oldest of all establishments) is the least punk thing you can think of, but for some reason it’s been cool for a while now to perform in a church.  Broken Records are doing it.  Their newest video for the 6-piece Edinburgh, Scotland group’s newest single, “A Darkness Rises Up” not only has them strumming along amidst a backwash of stained-glass light, but their mom let them wear their Converse inside too.  Redefining punk aside — really — “Darkness” simply chugs and pops and does all those anthemic things while having a string section provide the extra bravado you can’t get from guitar and bass.  In the video, the lead singer seems tortured enough, and if you’re not convinced, there’s plenty of dilapidated scenery to further commiserate the misery.  You can watch the whole thing below and should you like, remember to pick up Let Me Come Home out on 1/11/11 on 4AD.

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