Aesop Rock “Butchers” Grimace Federation

Not meant to confuse, “Butchers” is the humble credit Aesop Rock has taken in his remixing of Grimace Federation’s first single, “Bosico.”  The video was shot with the contribution of Cage, Jeremy Fish, and Fish’s van, and was produced by 900bats contributors Alexander Tarrant and Justin Metros.  Cruising around San Francisco — with the most recognizable shot in the video being a passing Polk St sign — Aesop lashes out on haters of a specific breed: elitists.  “I’m gonna guess you thought this all before me, but better and with a more elite view; that’s what you do,” he raps out in his oddly articulate, laid-back flow.  Then again, that juxtaposition is what allows him to stand safely on the ivory tower he builds throughout the song.  Well, perhaps less of a tower and more of a Formica countertop to give a better perspective.  How else could you possibly remix a song, call it butchering, cry fowl to hubris in that song, and all the while look like your enjoying a trip to an overcast beach with a crew including a guy with a bigger beard than Zach Galafinakis?  

Check out the video below:

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