Playtime!: Golden Bloom & Neutral Uke Hotel Perform on North 6th Street in Brooklyn @ CMJ 2010

We had the pleasure of filming the boys of Golden Bloom / Neutral Uke Hotel during CMJ for our Playtime! performances. The band was ready to play wherever they could and we think hands down, this is our favorite set in the series so far. It examplifies what we strive for with Playtime! The people walking back and fourth fit perfectly with the songs and it oddly seems like they should actually be there. Nothing got in the way of the boys when it came to pouring their hearts and souls into the music…not even the dog that was sitting by watching them. Well, maybe he did. Check out the two videos below. One song they play as Golden Bloom and the next, as Neutral Uke Hotel.

Golden Bloom “Doomsday Devices”

Neutral Uke Hotel “Holland, 1945”

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