Album Review: Mickey Mickey Rourke – Inner Gazing

I made two mistakes when I first set ears on Mickey Mickey Rourke‘s Inner Gazing.  Number one: I judged a band by its name.  And number two: I listened to the album at work.  Miller Rodriguez’s deceiving moniker evokes the thought of action-packed songs and loud, upbeat headbangers.  But instead, my ears were filled with meditative sound-art that soothed me into a hypnotic coma.  Euphoric lethargy ensued.  Levels of productivity promptly declined. 

Inner Gazing, however, is appropriately named.  You can’t help closing your eyes and sinking into seclusion.  Yet during this self-meditation, you might find yourself somewhere else.  It’s inner gazing for an out of body experience.  The album begins with the airy “Candy Cults” (featuring Top Girls)–a perfect introduction to the spiritual journey that lies ahead.  It starts you off in a natural setting (could be the chirping birds) and slowly eases you into meditation, inducing a sense of purity and tranquillity.  “Doozie,” explores a bit more as an etheral waterfall of notes pours over darker echoing sounds in the distance.  “Glitter Blood” (featuring Raw Moans) is possibly the most “spiritual” track on the album.  It’s very slow and gradual with subdued and serene voices blurring together with the other sounds.  Listening to this song is like seeing something for the first time and being strangely amazed by its beauty.

“Gloomy Guts” (featuring Craft Spells) is the one song that stands out as an actual song.  There are real lyrics, a good beat and melody, and the same sense of mellow self-reflection.  For the rest of the album you can expect various forms of audio-inspired meditation–sounds of underwater floating in “Koopa” and carefree, voiceless floating in, well, “Voiceless and Floating.”

Inner Gazing is meant to be listened to in isolation and with closed eyes.  It’s 49 refreshing minutes of tranquil meditation.  And it’s completely free to anyone who wants it.  So visit Mickey Mickey Rourke’s bandcamp site to download your very own, and sit back, relax, and watch the soothing soundscapes.

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