Colin Caulfield is a Growin’ ‘Boy’

colinYou may have not heard of Colin Caulfield, he is still ready to tell you his story. Or rather, stories. The young singer-songwriter, going by the moniker Young Man, has just released his debut EP Boy. He’s also just released the live video for “Just a Growin.’”

Caulfield has started a growing arnsel of music, a mixture of both originals and covers. With his first venture out on his own, he’s turned to writing about himself and the basic troubles of growing up. Check out the video of Caulfield crooning on “Just A Growin’” below.

Young Man – Just A Growin’ (Live) from Nathaniel Gravely on Vimeo.

Boy is digitially out now via iTunes and will be physically released October 12th.

One thought on “Colin Caulfield is a Growin’ ‘Boy’

  1. Love Colin’s “Five” video on Youtube. Such a great song! Thanks for the Young Man article!

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