Levi’s And Urban Outfitters Plot The Last Secret Generator Series Concerts With Deerhunter And Neon Indian

Deerhunter // Revival

Levi’s and Urban Outfitters have united forces to bring free live music to the American public but decided to make a little more fun having people guess where these shows will take place, especially since the shows are all powered by a generator and could take place anywhere. The final two installments of this Secret Generator Series were made just a bit more concrete with the announcement of the final performers: Deerhunter lit up Chicago on September 25th and on October 5th, Boston will get to chill with Neon Indian.

The location information that is currently available is the result of thorough investigative work by Urban Outfitters’ Facebook friends and Twitter followers so now that the events are winding down, you should also keep you eye out for new clues by following the Urban Outfitters Blog HERE, checking your local media or texting SECRET to UOUOUO to guess the mystery locations, which will be revealed on 48 hours before a show.


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