Of Montreal Appear on Jimmy Fallon with Solange Knowles

Last night everyone’s favorite glittery rockers, Of Montreal, took the stage at “Jimmy Fallon,” performing “Sex Karma,” with sometimes live collaborator and Beyonce’s little sis, Solange. There are a few noticable changes in Of Montreal. For one, there are more band members then they’ve ever had, and longtime drummer James Husband is no longer playing drums with the band as he has left to pursue his solo career. Sad, we know, but we wish him luck. Of Montreal was dressed in all white except for singer Kevin Barnes, but the band, in their theatrical sense, all had matching white painted faces.

The band releases their newest album, False Priest on Polyvinyl, September 14th, and fans are eagerly awaiting to hear the final version. Of Montreal has stepped back a bit from the glittery dance party they’ve been putting on for the past few years and have gone with a 1970’s vibe so they’ve said. This is really noticable in the performance with Solange. “Sex Karma” is up to watch as well is the song that did not appear on “Jimmy Fallon” broadcast last night, the first single “Coquet Coquette.” You can view both down below.

Until the website stops messing with my embedding, watch “Coquet Coquette” HERE.

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