Toro y Moi @ Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY -7/1/2010

I don’t know what’s to be said on a band’s live performance compared
to their album itself. It’s all personal preference, and I guess varies
from group to group. Toro y Moi played two shows in New York on July 1st and 2nd. One at the Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg, and the other at the Whitney Museum in Manhattan.

I was able to catch the Glasslands show, and it was the first time I got to see Toro Y Moi as a three piece band. They opened with “Blessa,” and while the crowd was ecstatic, the
tempo seemed awkwardly fast compared to the record. Even Chaz Bundick,the lead singer, bobbed like a human metronome to keep the beat. Every song was played at this accelerated pace that I was not expecting, and I’m assuming it was just a decision by the band. It did not live up to the “Chill wave” moniker this type of music has be labeled with, although when I had a brief chance to talk with the bassist and drummer they told me the name was a joke.

When they began to play “You Hid,” what I believe to be the chill anthem (there’s no better phrasing for it sorry) of the year, even that had a disappointingly fast beat to it.

That all being said, the venue was jam packed, and I still had a great
time. The music was still miles above most of what’s out there, and I’m
glad I got to see them before they headed off to Europe.

The band, for some reason, asked me not to talk about their clothes so
I’m gonna honor that.

Finally, on an awesome note, one of the band member’s parents were
there, and the mother informed me that she and her husband met through an ad in the Village voice. I thought that was cool.

-Joe Paolucci

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