The Drums Release New Video for “Forever and Ever Amen”

Last summer all of the buzz in the indie community seemed to be the Brooklyn based band, The Drums. Their first single “Let’s Go Surfing,” was hailed as the anthem of the summer by many. What made it so good was it’s retro vibe and Jonathan Pierce’s catchy pop voice.

Flash forward to almost a year later and The Drums are preparing to release their debut record on Moshi Moshi Records titled The Drums. The band just released their newest video for the track “Forever and Ever Amen,” and it’s quite impressive, and yes, a bit retro looking. Can anyone say The Smiths? The video also features the guys playing inside an American Legion to a bunch of unruly teen center kids. Wow, talk about bringing back junior high/high school memories here for me. This is how shows in the New York suburbs went down in those days.

Watch The Drums “Forever and Ever Amen”

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