Matt Pond PA Preps New Album, Single Available Now!

Matt Pond PA has been an indie staple for the past 11 years, and in 2010 this will be no different. Set to move ahead with Pond and Co.’s new venture, the band will release The Dark Leaves (Altitude) in March of 2010. Yes, that seems like a long time away, but they have just what you need to hold you over until then. Their label Altitude Records is offering for sale on their site, your chance to get the first in the MPPA Threeep Series (Part 1) titled Starting. The three song vinyl only EP can also be ordered in a limited edition 250-colored version which is a nice last minute holiday gift.

Continuing in Matt Pond fashion, the title track on the EP, “Starting,” brings back into play the classic strings sound that the band left out of the loop for a while. Pond’s voice and lyrics send a chill down your spine amongst the layers of instruments and incredible harmonies that fill the song throughout. This track will be on The Dark Leaves and I can only imagine what the rest has to offer. I’m at the edge of my seat waiting…

Give a listen to “The Starting” on Matt Pond PA’s Myspace


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