Bang Bang Eche – Piano’s, NYC CMJ 2009

There’s not that many bands that I wait all year long to see, but these guys I did. The last time BBE was in the states to play shows, our new president won. It was a crazy night in NYC. I had their self titled ep and those tracks made me want to see them live. Now, it’s October 2009 a year later, and the band BANG BANG ECHE is ready to rock the crowd at Piano’s for one of many of their gigs during the CMJ Music Marathon going on in NYC. Forget the fact that there two hundred or so other bands I could go see during CMJ. This is the band I have been waiting to see.. There seems to be alot of buzz around the crowd… The show is about to start and the room is to full capacity. With a NEW four song EP about to drop to the college radio crowd, they play new songs like “fist full of dollars” and the song “dirt in the water” which has vocals similar to Aphex Twin and crazy guitar playing. This band is tight.. I mean..jumping around on stage.. one of their most energetic songs is called “Fingers in the Till”..this is when Zach is singing and Charlie rips on the guitar and then all of a sudden they jump off the stage and play to the crowd like they did at Piano’s.

 They also rocked out tunes from their 1st EP like “Time Mismanagement” and “4 to the Floor” Oh, did I forget to say they are from all the way around the world. Yes, they hail from New Zealand. How cool is that? The thing I like about Zach great vocals with his accent is that when he plays certain songs, he has what alot of club DJ’s use for effects. The Kaoss Pad.. oh man, does this come in very handy and sounds so good with his vocals and the way he makes it sound when they are playing live. the Band is headed off to Europe for now, but they will back in the states in the Sping, make sure you make it out to see them live.
-Joe Madonna

Check out Bang Bang Eche on their Myspace

Check out Bang Bang Eche’s Live CMJ Performances!

“Time Mismanagement”

 New Song!
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