The Demon Beat *The Charleston* Brooklyn, NY*9-5-09

Very rarely do you see an up and coming band put on one hell of a show, but that’s exactly what The Demon Beat did Saturday night at the Charleston in Brooklyn. Playing to a packed house, the boys who hail from West Virginia had jaws dropping. With infectious blues-rock oriented tunes, the band may be young in years but they play like old pros.

Singer/guitarist Adam Meisterhans is brilliant. With howling vocals that most singers can only dream of, and smooth guitar licks, the kid has it all. Plus he played a solo with his teeth. HIS TEETH! Bassist Tucker Riggleman provides a fantastic vibe to the band as drummer Jordan Hudkins kills it on drums, beating out some of the all time best players. I haven’t seem drums played like that in a long time.

The Demon Beat are surely making waves are certainly on their way to becoming the ‘Next Big Thing.’ The band has a slew of tour dates coming up so be sure to check out their WEBSITE for more info. Kids this is one show you DON’T want to miss!

More Photos After the JUMP

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