Secondhand Sunday: Rilo Kiley ‘Portions for Foxes’

Today’s episode comes a little late as I have been fighting with my dvd player since 9am. Yea way to waste the day. I guess it comes with age or recklessness. Last night I took a long drive listening to some old Rilo Kiley. Every now and then I just feel like listening to Jenny Lewis’ voice for no reason. It’s really pretty.

Enjoy ‘Portions for Foxes’, one of my favorite Rilo Kiley videos ever.

One thought on “Secondhand Sunday: Rilo Kiley ‘Portions for Foxes’

  1. If I could drive I would do the same. Unfortunately I just have to settle for taking the train while listening to RK, but I love them so much I do anyway, even when I have nowhere to go.

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