Joan of Arc to Release New Record

Chicago’s own Joan of Arc are set to release their newest record titled Flowers on Polyvinyl, June 9th. What the new album will sound like? Well I guess we’ll have to wait and see at the moment. Frontman Tim Kinsella (and the one and only permenant member of the band) stated in a press release that  “I think it’s harder fora band to make a tenth record, than it is to make a first record; there is more freedom to be daring, but there is also your own standard to live up to and surpass.”

On Flowers the band made an effort to make sure that all of the songs flow into each other, and apparently they have pulled it off perfectly. The album is about life, death, and rebirth, hence that is where the title came from. Joan of Arc is one of the most interesting bands out there. Quite frankily, you never know what Kinsella and crew are going to do next.

Download Explain Yourselves #2

Check out Joan of Arc on Myspace

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