Antiqcool is the New Cool

I have decided that Antiqcool is the new cool. That sounds like quite a play on words, doesn’t it? Antiqcool is a band from the U.K. that is likely to be a buzz band over here in the States in 2009. There is something very beautiful about their music that reminds me of  a mixture of Elliot Smith with a touch of The Beach Boys. I’m not sure if a combination can get any better than that.

Antiqcool has recently released their newest record ‘Digging for Gold’ which is undoubtably a masterpiece. One of my favorite tracks off the record is titled ‘Already Late’. It just sends chills down my spine.

Download ‘Already Late’

Check out Antiqcool on their Myspace

One thought on “Antiqcool is the New Cool

  1. It’s so nice to get reviews like these from people we have never met…..(we can all get our mates to say nice things about us can’t we).

    Thanks Melissa for your kind words….One point I would like to add is that Already Late will be on Antiqcool’s next CD due for release sometime in 2009 (it’s not on Digging For Gold)

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